Using a Home Mortgage Calculator to Assess Your Budget

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It can be a challenge to pinpoint exactly how much of a home you can afford. Many people start by checking out houses in the area they wish to live in and then fall in love with a specific home they discover is not quite in their price range. This is a common mistake is that can be avoided by using a home mortgage calculator. By plugging in the amount of the loan and the interest rate offered into the calculator, you can instantly find out exactly how much your monthly mortgage payments would be. If they end up being higher than you can afford, then you can work the formula backwards to see exactly how much of a loan you can take out and get the payment you feel comfortable with. It’s possible that you can negotiate a better price on the home, or possibly find a mortgage company who will offer better terms.

How The Ability To Telecommute Improves The Economy

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Telecommuting is now a way of life for many employees in the United States. Whether working from home all the time or just a few days per week, studies indicate that telecommuting increases employee productivity, as well as employer productivity. Telecommuting has many benefits, including the reduction of time that would normally be spent meeting with other employees. Less money is being spent to employ individuals, and employers can more easily scale their staff to meet their needs. On a national level, telecommuting has the potential to increase productivity by almost 500 billion dollars per year.

New Bill May Make Reverse Mortgages Safer

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The Obama Administration recently passed the Reverse Mortgage Stabilization Act. The bipartisan act exists to increase both the safety and the attractiveness of reverse mortgages. This bill includes protection measures not only for borrowers, but also for lenders. Anyone wanting to enter into a reverse mortgage today must now first receive no-cost counseling which will help them to ensure that the reverse mortgage loan they receive is the best for their needs and income. Of course, there are several options to taking out a reverse mortgage, and it’s likely best to explore the benefits of these before choosing this option.

The Conditional Approval – Better Than Pre-Approval?

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For those wanting some kind of guideline to getting a better mortgage than a pre-approval, the conditional approval may offer a solution. This approval type, which is a more detailed type of pre-qualification can be shared with a seller, and also lasts 90 days. The difference between the conditional and traditional pre-approval is that the commitment isn’t written. Instead, the commitment is delivered once the borrower’s employment and income have been verified, and the home appraisal has taken place. But experts warn that even this higher level of pre-qualification won’t provide as much leverage to a buyer as would an official pre-approval.

Signs That Your Mobile Device Has Been Hacked

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Despite your many attempts to secure your phone, it may still be vulnerable to hijacking by hackers. And there are a few ways to tell if the security of your device has been compromised. For example, your device may have been infected by malware if you’ve noticed you owe more on your cell bill than usual, but have not knowingly engaged in any activity to cause the cost increase. Another way to identify suspicious activity is to check your ‘sent’ folder for any messages that you didn’t send. As well, take a look at the interface of your phone. If you notice changes that weren’t made by you, your device has likely become infected with malware.

How To Deal With Your Insurance Company After You Install Solar Panels

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Many insurance companies will list the installation of solar panels as a ‘Coverage A Dwelling Value’. In order to be covered, you must endorse your insurance company for an increase in your dwelling’s value. To figure out the value, simply add the cost of your solar panel purchase to the amount your home is currently insured for. In addition to this, it’s a good idea to send photos of the solar panel installation to your insurance agent so that they have documentation of the installation. Of course, it’s always best to contact your insurance company before you install any solar panels so that you can determine whether or not you will be covered.

What To Do When Your Computer Has Been Stolen

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Have you thought about what you might do should your computer get stolen? Many users don’t until it’s too late. Using a cloud-based backup service can be the ultimate solution in a case where a computer is stolen or a hard drive fails. Online backup allows for the remote access of data, which can mean quick restoration of data onto a new computer. But an online backup is only as useful as the amount of data you uploaded to it. Granted, it will take some time to transfer all of your data initially, but this amount of time spent will be well worth it should the time come that all of your data needs to be restored.

There are many choices for the online backup of your data. But just a bit of research will reveal how much space a service can give you, and for what cost. You may be able to get backup services for free, but keep in mind that the space offered in this scenario may not be enough to back up all of the data on your system. Of course, it will need to be decided how much space is both enough to back up your system, and how much money each month is affordable for you. There are many things to consider about your online security.

Quick Facts About Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

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Trans fats, just like their saturated fat counterparts, are responsible for the increase in risk of heart disease. However, trans fats can cause heart disease to occur much sooner and much faster than the consumption of saturated fats. Hydrogenated vegetable oils contain high trans fat amounts, which reduce the amount of ‘good’ cholesterol in the body. Most of today’s experts recommend consuming those vegetable oils which are naturally occurring and unprocessed. However, they stress that the consumption of these oils alone will not prevent heart disease by themselves. A healthy lifestyle should, they say, include exercise as well as the consumption of other healthy foods.

Exercise Caution When Hiring A Lawyer To Help With Your Denied Claim

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The first thing many homeowners think about after having been denied a claim by their insurance company is getting legal assistance. But while hiring a lawyer may seem like the most useful thing to do, it may actually turn out to be a bigger problem than at first suspected. This is because once a legal professional becomes a part of the case, all communication must travel through them. This means that a homeowner hiring a lawyer will no longer be able to communicate independently with their insurance company, which can result in the process taking much longer than expected.

Keeping Your Home And Family Safe From Fire

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There are many tips out there for fire safety, and most of them are incredibly simple to check. Just a few minutes to take a second look at some of the potential issues around your home could mean thousands of dollars saved in damaged items and lives saved. Running any type of electrical wire underneath a rug is not considered to be a safe practice. If you haves small children, power outlets that are not being used should be covered by plastic safety covers. And any heating appliances should be kept well away from flammable items like curtains, bedspreads and magazines.

How Fictional Is The Online World?

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Most of us would never think about our social media profile not being real. But when you think about it, that’s just what it may be. Many point to the fact that most of the photos and comments submitted to social media only shows the positive side of life. But what about friendships? Some say that true friendships are based on shared real-world experiences, and not on sites like Facebook. Yet, people continue to flock to it, perhaps because of the control it allows them to have over how their lives, hobbies and personalities are presented to the world.  Others choose not to be connected, often because of some of the reasons cited above.

Can You Get Your Underwater Mortgage Debt Erased?

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The rumors are true; if you are a borrower who finds themselves underwater with a mortgage but have remained current with your payments, you may be able to walk away from your property with no debt. But that erasure won’t happen without anything from you. In order to get your mortgage debt erased, you must have a 55% debt-to-income ratio, in addition to confirmation that the property has been left in good condition. Any borrower who is deemed eligible will have any debt which remains between the home loan size and the property value erased. The goal? To avoid homeowners having to default on their loans.  Learn about options for homeowners with underwater mortgages.

Can Web Developers Become Successful At Reselling Hosting?

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Many of those who develop web sites for a living wonder if they should also get into reselling hosting space. And doing this can actually be of great benefit to web developers, as they can earn double the revenue by both providing their clients with professionally-designed web sites, as well as affordable hosting solutions for those sites. Every successful reseller hosting business begins with an account that can handle multiple domains for clients. As well, having full administrative control over client web sites is crucial. Whichever web host is being used for the reseller business should include the opportunity for you to hide the identity of your host so your clients can’t see that information.

Avoid Listening to Any Lame Life Insurance Myths

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insMyths abound when it comes to the subject of life insurance. These myths do need to be dispelled because they serve no purpose other than preventing those in need of a solid insurance policy from actually being able to acquire one. Myths such as medical exams are always required or there is a mandatory age limit for life insurance can really throw those off the trail of the ability to actually acquire a decent policy. Myths are, essentially, untruths. Rather than take common myths on face value, it would be a much wiser strategy to effectively learn what the requirements are on specific policies from specific providers.

How to Shop for a Home Loan

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This economy has created a real buyers’ market for any potential homeowner that has decent credit and a stable income.  So what are the “rules of engagement” when seeking a home mortgage?  For starters, you’ll want a good interest rate.  This particular time in history interest rates are extremely low, but your ability to get a low rate will also be dependent on how good your credit is.  Another thing that has gone the way of history books is the no down payment loan.  You absolutely will have to have a down payment these days in order to purchase a home.  Finally, you may want to consider purchasing points in order to whittle that interest rate down even farther.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

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One of the fastest growing crimes in the world is identity theft.  The premise is that if a thief can get ahold of your critical information such as your social security number, your credit cards, or your bank account information and any related logins, they can have a field day spending your money for a short time.  It is very difficult to catch these criminals, because they strike before you know you have been compromised.  So how can you protect yourself?  When shopping online, make sure you only submit your personal information to a trusted and secure website.  And don’t forget good anti-virus protection for your computer.  Destroy any paper documents that are no longer needed that have your personal data on them, and NEVER give information over the phone to someone who has called you.

What to Expect During a Refinance

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Chances are good that if you are a homeowner you will experience the refinancing process at least once in your life, if not more often.  There are some very good reasons to refinance – you might be able to get a significantly lower interest rate, thus lowering the amount of interest you pay on the home; you might opt to shorten the duration of the loan along with the lower rate to pay less as well.  Regardless of your reasoning for refinancing, you will be asked by the bank to have your home appraised, and they will need to look at your credit report.  Interest rates will be directly tied into your credit report, so making payments on time to all of your creditors is crucial.

Understanding Refinancing Terminology

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While purchasing a home certainly requires us to jump through a lot of legal and financial hoops, refinancing is not significantly different in terms of complexity.  However, if you master a bit of the “lingo” of the mortgage industry, you will feel much more in control of the process.  For example, amortization is simply a fancy word that refers to how the payments are structure at intervals (generally monthly).  Acceleration means that the lender can demand a mortgage loan balance be repaid immediately if the borrower doesn’t make their agreed-upon payments.  And a pre-payment penalty, which is pretty rare these days, is something you should make sure is not attached to your mortgage.

Understanding the Settlement Process on a Life Insurance Claim

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As the old saying goes, there is nothing guaranteed in life except death and taxes.  Whether you are a young family that has life insurance to protect your dependents in the event of an untimely death, or whether you have invested in whole life as an investment vehicle, one thing is certain:  you or your loved ones will at some point have to deal with the insurance company in the form of a claim.  The first step is to notify the company and provide any necessary documentation needed, such as a death certificate as well as a claim settlement form.  You will also need to submit a written intimation, which is the same thing as notification but includes specific information required by the insurance company.

What are the Benefits of Annuities?

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If you are nearing retirement age, you are likely familiar with the term “annuities”.  Long considered a very safe investment for seniors that ensures cash flow later in your retirement, it is often part of a retiree’s portfolio along with a life insurance policy to cover any expenses at death.  An annuity can be de3scribed as a conversion tool, which allows a lump sum of insurance benefits to be paid out to the holder in monthly installments.  The key to a good portfolio for anyone is diversity.  Annuities are great for cash flow, but can throw a monkey wrench into the equation if the economy struggles with high inflation, or if the retiree has an emergency which requires quick liquidation of assets.

How Trees Can Impact Homeowners Negatively

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Most people view trees as a natural asset to their property, as it adds shade, beauty, and protection from the elements.  But what many people don’t realize is that trees can cause quite a bit of damage that ends up either costing the homeowner a lot of time and money, as well as insurance companies that have to payout on claims.  Taking care of your trees can mitigate the negatives.  For instance, if you have trees that are diseased or ill-maintained, they could possibly fall over and damage your property.  And if your tree falls on your neighbor’s property, their insurance company will go after your insurance company to get reimbursed, which means potentially higher premiums for you.  Worst case scenario – your homeowners insurance company can deny you coverage.

How to Begin a Home Inventory

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Many homeowners don’t get this far, but a crucial step in making sure that you are adequately covered by your homeowners insurance plan is to prepare a home inventory.  One reason this step is skipped is because preparing one is a huge task, and many people feel confused or overwhelmed as to where to start, and how much detail to give.  Some good advice is to start with groups.  For example – you’ll want to document contents of your closet.  You may start with clothing, then shoes, and perhaps personal items.  And instead of just listing pants, you’ll want name, description and quantity.  If applicable, such as with appliances, you’ll want to list serial numbers, models and brands.  A home inventory is definitely not a small project, but should you need to submit a claim, you’ll be so glad you handled it.

Questions to Answer Regarding Home Security

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When you are looking at home security, you’ll want to ask several important questions regarding the companies you’re considering.  For example, what kind of rating have they received from the high standards put forth by the Underwriter’s Laboratory.  Additionally, if you are investing in a home security system, what will happen if you move?  Many companies offer free or discounted relocation of your system.  Of course, if your company is local and you are moving out of state this will not be possible.  Also, you’ll want to know what kind of history and reputation they have in the industry as well as in the community.  A security company should be able to furnish proof that they have insurance to cover anything that might go wrong.  These questions are crucial before you invest in home security.

Can I Really Afford to Buy a Home?

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Whether you are a young person looking to dabble in first time home ownership, or you are a retiree looking to downsize, in this economy it makes a lot of sense to ask the question in the title.  Some things that will help you answer this question include what is your credit score (which directly impacts what kind of interest rate you are likely to get from a lender); how much of a down payment can you make; and can you afford the monthly and annual costs associated with owning a home.  Additionally, you’ll want to consult a home mortgage calculator to determine how much over the short and long haul this will cost you.

Your Heart Rate And Your Credit Rating – Should You Be Worried?

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There is much controversy surrounding the Quantified Self Movement. And when you consider the potential downsides, then it’s no wonder. Most likely, many of us have never thought that wearing a device that measures heart rate could affect our credit rating. But maybe it will. It may even affect our ability to get life insurance.

For instance, if your health-measuring device makes you look unhealthy, your life insurance company may think twice about insuring you, or decide to charge you more for premiums. In fact, your entire health profile could become a good indicator of how much of a risk you really are.

CMS Is Only One Part Of Your Web Site

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Although you may be using some kind of content management system on your web site, and it may have made the management your site much easier to manage, it won’t have any effect on the quality of content that meets people when they visit your site. Quality content is still the most desirable feature where the goal is to convince visitors to return.

High-quality content can be anything that contributes value to what you are already offering. If you are selling hosting services, for example, you may want to offer your visitors something that complements this, such as how to decrease your site’s load time.

Replacement Window Options

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If it’s time to install new windows on your home, one thing to become familiar with is the r-value. The r-value indicates how much heat is prevented from passing through the panes of glass in a window. If purchasing windows having three panes, heat will take longer to pass through the glass, meaning that your home can be kept warmer for longer.

Window glass that has low-emissive coatings is a type often used by homeowners living in warmer climates. These coatings are available in a transparent film which is put on the window’s glass panes. Gas-filled windows are another alternative.

Screw Type – An Important Part Of Garage Door Installation

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Those who are installing their own garage door systems may think that using nails is a good idea. But experts advise that nails should never be used. Instead, lag screws are suggested. This type of fastener will allow the track hangars of your garage door to be bolted into place.

The reason why lag screws are recommended is because they are more reliable than nails. A garage door can generate much force when opening and closing, force which nails may not be able to handle over a long period of time. As well, a garage door fasted with nails may incur expensive damage in future should they fail.

VPS Hosting is Worth the Extra Expense for a Business

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Going for the extra expense of procuring VPS hosting may be worth it to those seriously interested in ensuring they acquire the highest quality and most secure hosting plan available. Not everyone will feel that it is necessary to pay the extra expense for VPS hosting and they should not feel they are obligated to pay for something they do not necessarily need. Larger scale businesses that handle scores of ecommerce transaction may wish to serious think about using a VPS hosting service. Security will certainly be far greater of a concern to a business that is logging financial information about many clients. Hence, it is advisable to go for the extra money to ensure no breaches of security occur.

SEO Work is Always Best Left to the Professionals

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Search engine optimization work is best left to the professionals. SEO pros will likely ensure your website reaches a solid ranking position in the search engine results. SEO professionals are also up to date on the techniques the search engine crawlers frown upon. The crawlers are quite harsh on websites that are assumed to be spamming the internet. Even those website publishers that are honest in their intentions may end up being penalized because they were not aware they violated new rules. Professional SEO services do not make mistakes such as these. Consider that another reason why it is wise to work with them.

Beware of an Unhealthy Diet Plan

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What is an unhealthy weight loss diet? There are quite a number of responses that can be offered to this question. (Sadly) In general, it can be said an unhealthy diet would be one that entails massive calorie restrictions and a lack of balance in the food choices offered. While diets of this nature may have short term benefits, the long terms gains will be nonexistent. Basically, fad diets cause you to gain all your weight back. Worse yet, the poor nutritional value of these diets could potentially have long term negative health effects. Avoid these diets and stick with ones that are healthier.

Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight

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The battle for weight loss is something that frustrates many people. They become so frustrated they are unsure of what steps to take to lose weight. Some many even look towards unique strategies such as hypnosis. Can hypnosis help someone lose weight? Hypnosis and its close cousin hypnotherapy have been used to address psychological issues. At times, it is psychological problems such as anxiety and depression that can cause overeating. Hypnosis may be able to cut down on some of the underlying mental issues that may cause overeating. In general, hypnosis is not exactly the perfect strategy for effective weight loss.

Altering Security Setting on an Internet Browser

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Many will look for unique and magical solutions for internet security. This is really not necessary because there are often very simple strategies you can employ to boost the security of your internet browsing. For example, you can enhance the security settings on your internet browser. Believe it or not, you will find this make breaches of security a lot more difficult. You may even wish to avoid using IE. There are quite a number of security holes present in IE that are not found elsewhere. Using other browsers might be the simplest way of enhancing security.