Quick Facts About Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils

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Trans fats, just like their saturated fat counterparts, are responsible for the increase in risk of heart disease. However, trans fats can cause heart disease to occur much sooner and much faster than the consumption of saturated fats. Hydrogenated vegetable oils contain high trans fat amounts, which reduce the amount of ‘good’ cholesterol in the body. Most of today’s experts recommend consuming those vegetable oils which are naturally occurring and unprocessed. However, they stress that the consumption of these oils alone will not prevent heart disease by themselves. A healthy lifestyle should, they say, include exercise as well as the consumption of other healthy foods.

Your Heart Rate And Your Credit Rating – Should You Be Worried?

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There is much controversy surrounding the Quantified Self Movement. And when you consider the potential downsides, then it’s no wonder. Most likely, many of us have never thought that wearing a device that measures heart rate could affect our credit rating. But maybe it will. It may even affect our ability to get life insurance.

For instance, if your health-measuring device makes you look unhealthy, your life insurance company may think twice about insuring you, or decide to charge you more for premiums. In fact, your entire health profile could become a good indicator of how much of a risk you really are.

Beware of an Unhealthy Diet Plan

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What is an unhealthy weight loss diet? There are quite a number of responses that can be offered to this question. (Sadly) In general, it can be said an unhealthy diet would be one that entails massive calorie restrictions and a lack of balance in the food choices offered. While diets of this nature may have short term benefits, the long terms gains will be nonexistent. Basically, fad diets cause you to gain all your weight back. Worse yet, the poor nutritional value of these diets could potentially have long term negative health effects. Avoid these diets and stick with ones that are healthier.

Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight

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The battle for weight loss is something that frustrates many people. They become so frustrated they are unsure of what steps to take to lose weight. Some many even look towards unique strategies such as hypnosis. Can hypnosis help someone lose weight? Hypnosis and its close cousin hypnotherapy have been used to address psychological issues. At times, it is psychological problems such as anxiety and depression that can cause overeating. Hypnosis may be able to cut down on some of the underlying mental issues that may cause overeating. In general, hypnosis is not exactly the perfect strategy for effective weight loss.

Your Pet Can Help Your Health (For Real!)

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There are a lot of reasons why a person may own a pet. Some do so for companionship and others will do so for protection. One underrated benefit to owning a pet would be the health benefits. Yes, you can find your quality of life improve immensely when you own a pet. The number of ways a pet can help your mental, physical and emotional health is vast. Running and walking your dog is one of the obvious ones. All that exercise does add up to improved heart health. The mental benefits gained from a pet would be derived from all the joy found in owning one.

Do Not Defeat Yourself When Trying to Lose Weight

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No matter how strong your desire to lose weight might be, you will not lose weight if you defeat yourself. There will be those self-imposed barriers to weight loss many people will engage in. The most common would be late night snacks. If you get hungry late at night and give into your cravings, you are not going to lose weight. You do have to fight the urge to eat after 7pm. You will also need to fight the urge to eat fast food. Yes, the temptation to eat fast food will be common when you are on the road or out an about, but this is another bad habit you have to avoid.

Highs and Lows: How Diet Can Effect Memory

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Does your diet effect your memory? It can and it certainly will if your dietary choices are less than desirable ones. A diet loaded in refined sugars means you might experience a few highs along with a number of lows. You mental state might end up being affected from such crashes and highs. So, cutting down on food selections such as that would be a wise plan. It would not hurt to up your intake of brain food. Cold water fish such as salmon are known for helping brain activity among scores of other health benefits. The same could be said of any diet loaded with antioxidants.

The Media and the Rush to Promote the Latest Health Fad

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Bus2The media definitely has done a nice job of letting people know about many of the great ways the public can improve its health. That said, the media can sometimes be in a rush to present the newest innovation and discovery in healthy living. On the surface, this might not seem like anything all that bad. However, more than a few of these new, healthy lifestyle strategies are little more than exercise and diet fads. Fads are not what you want when you are looking to get into good shape. While the producers may have good intentions, promoting fads is never a great idea.