How The Ability To Telecommute Improves The Economy

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Telecommuting is now a way of life for many employees in the United States. Whether working from home all the time or just a few days per week, studies indicate that telecommuting increases employee productivity, as well as employer productivity. Telecommuting has many benefits, including the reduction of time that would normally be spent meeting with other employees. Less money is being spent to employ individuals, and employers can more easily scale their staff to meet their needs. On a national level, telecommuting has the potential to increase productivity by almost 500 billion dollars per year.

What To Do When Your Computer Has Been Stolen

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Have you thought about what you might do should your computer get stolen? Many users don’t until it’s too late. Using a cloud-based backup service can be the ultimate solution in a case where a computer is stolen or a hard drive fails. Online backup allows for the remote access of data, which can mean quick restoration of data onto a new computer. But an online backup is only as useful as the amount of data you uploaded to it. Granted, it will take some time to transfer all of your data initially, but this amount of time spent will be well worth it should the time come that all of your data needs to be restored.

There are many choices for the online backup of your data. But just a bit of research will reveal how much space a service can give you, and for what cost. You may be able to get backup services for free, but keep in mind that the space offered in this scenario may not be enough to back up all of the data on your system. Of course, it will need to be decided how much space is both enough to back up your system, and how much money each month is affordable for you. There are many things to consider about your online security.

How Fictional Is The Online World?

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Most of us would never think about our social media profile not being real. But when you think about it, that’s just what it may be. Many point to the fact that most of the photos and comments submitted to social media only shows the positive side of life. But what about friendships? Some say that true friendships are based on shared real-world experiences, and not on sites like Facebook. Yet, people continue to flock to it, perhaps because of the control it allows them to have over how their lives, hobbies and personalities are presented to the world.  Others choose not to be connected, often because of some of the reasons cited above.

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

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One of the fastest growing crimes in the world is identity theft.  The premise is that if a thief can get ahold of your critical information such as your social security number, your credit cards, or your bank account information and any related logins, they can have a field day spending your money for a short time.  It is very difficult to catch these criminals, because they strike before you know you have been compromised.  So how can you protect yourself?  When shopping online, make sure you only submit your personal information to a trusted and secure website.  And don’t forget good anti-virus protection for your computer.  Destroy any paper documents that are no longer needed that have your personal data on them, and NEVER give information over the phone to someone who has called you.

VPS Hosting is Worth the Extra Expense for a Business

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Going for the extra expense of procuring VPS hosting may be worth it to those seriously interested in ensuring they acquire the highest quality and most secure hosting plan available. Not everyone will feel that it is necessary to pay the extra expense for VPS hosting and they should not feel they are obligated to pay for something they do not necessarily need. Larger scale businesses that handle scores of ecommerce transaction may wish to serious think about using a VPS hosting service. Security will certainly be far greater of a concern to a business that is logging financial information about many clients. Hence, it is advisable to go for the extra money to ensure no breaches of security occur.

SEO Work is Always Best Left to the Professionals

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Search engine optimization work is best left to the professionals. SEO pros will likely ensure your website reaches a solid ranking position in the search engine results. SEO professionals are also up to date on the techniques the search engine crawlers frown upon. The crawlers are quite harsh on websites that are assumed to be spamming the internet. Even those website publishers that are honest in their intentions may end up being penalized because they were not aware they violated new rules. Professional SEO services do not make mistakes such as these. Consider that another reason why it is wise to work with them.

Altering Security Setting on an Internet Browser

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Many will look for unique and magical solutions for internet security. This is really not necessary because there are often very simple strategies you can employ to boost the security of your internet browsing. For example, you can enhance the security settings on your internet browser. Believe it or not, you will find this make breaches of security a lot more difficult. You may even wish to avoid using IE. There are quite a number of security holes present in IE that are not found elsewhere. Using other browsers might be the simplest way of enhancing security.