Using a Home Mortgage Calculator to Assess Your Budget

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It can be a challenge to pinpoint exactly how much of a home you can afford. Many people start by checking out houses in the area they wish to live in and then fall in love with a specific home they discover is not quite in their price range. This is a common mistake is that can be avoided by using a home mortgage calculator. By plugging in the amount of the loan and the interest rate offered into the calculator, you can instantly find out exactly how much your monthly mortgage payments would be. If they end up being higher than you can afford, then you can work the formula backwards to see exactly how much of a loan you can take out and get the payment you feel comfortable with. It’s possible that you can negotiate a better price on the home, or possibly find a mortgage company who will offer better terms.

New Bill May Make Reverse Mortgages Safer

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The Obama Administration recently passed the Reverse Mortgage Stabilization Act. The bipartisan act exists to increase both the safety and the attractiveness of reverse mortgages. This bill includes protection measures not only for borrowers, but also for lenders. Anyone wanting to enter into a reverse mortgage today must now first receive no-cost counseling which will help them to ensure that the reverse mortgage loan they receive is the best for their needs and income. Of course, there are several options to taking out a reverse mortgage, and it’s likely best to explore the benefits of these before choosing this option.

The Conditional Approval – Better Than Pre-Approval?

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For those wanting some kind of guideline to getting a better mortgage than a pre-approval, the conditional approval may offer a solution. This approval type, which is a more detailed type of pre-qualification can be shared with a seller, and also lasts 90 days. The difference between the conditional and traditional pre-approval is that the commitment isn’t written. Instead, the commitment is delivered once the borrower’s employment and income have been verified, and the home appraisal has taken place. But experts warn that even this higher level of pre-qualification won’t provide as much leverage to a buyer as would an official pre-approval.

Can You Get Your Underwater Mortgage Debt Erased?

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The rumors are true; if you are a borrower who finds themselves underwater with a mortgage but have remained current with your payments, you may be able to walk away from your property with no debt. But that erasure won’t happen without anything from you. In order to get your mortgage debt erased, you must have a 55% debt-to-income ratio, in addition to confirmation that the property has been left in good condition. Any borrower who is deemed eligible will have any debt which remains between the home loan size and the property value erased. The goal? To avoid homeowners having to default on their loans.  Learn about options for homeowners with underwater mortgages.

How to Shop for a Home Loan

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This economy has created a real buyers’ market for any potential homeowner that has decent credit and a stable income.  So what are the “rules of engagement” when seeking a home mortgage?  For starters, you’ll want a good interest rate.  This particular time in history interest rates are extremely low, but your ability to get a low rate will also be dependent on how good your credit is.  Another thing that has gone the way of history books is the no down payment loan.  You absolutely will have to have a down payment these days in order to purchase a home.  Finally, you may want to consider purchasing points in order to whittle that interest rate down even farther.

What to Expect During a Refinance

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Chances are good that if you are a homeowner you will experience the refinancing process at least once in your life, if not more often.  There are some very good reasons to refinance – you might be able to get a significantly lower interest rate, thus lowering the amount of interest you pay on the home; you might opt to shorten the duration of the loan along with the lower rate to pay less as well.  Regardless of your reasoning for refinancing, you will be asked by the bank to have your home appraised, and they will need to look at your credit report.  Interest rates will be directly tied into your credit report, so making payments on time to all of your creditors is crucial.

Understanding Refinancing Terminology

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While purchasing a home certainly requires us to jump through a lot of legal and financial hoops, refinancing is not significantly different in terms of complexity.  However, if you master a bit of the “lingo” of the mortgage industry, you will feel much more in control of the process.  For example, amortization is simply a fancy word that refers to how the payments are structure at intervals (generally monthly).  Acceleration means that the lender can demand a mortgage loan balance be repaid immediately if the borrower doesn’t make their agreed-upon payments.  And a pre-payment penalty, which is pretty rare these days, is something you should make sure is not attached to your mortgage.

Can I Really Afford to Buy a Home?

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Whether you are a young person looking to dabble in first time home ownership, or you are a retiree looking to downsize, in this economy it makes a lot of sense to ask the question in the title.  Some things that will help you answer this question include what is your credit score (which directly impacts what kind of interest rate you are likely to get from a lender); how much of a down payment can you make; and can you afford the monthly and annual costs associated with owning a home.  Additionally, you’ll want to consult a home mortgage calculator to determine how much over the short and long haul this will cost you.

The Aftermath of the Home Mortgage Bubble

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The home mortgage bubble was a shock to many. The end result of this bubble was mortgages became much harder to acquire in ensuing years. It has been over five years since the housing bubble burst and millions of foreclosures have resulted in its aftermath. Today, it has become somewhat less difficult to be approved for a home mortgage loan although lenders are a bit more careful who they lend to. Similarly, crackdowns on predatory lenders make it harder for unethical lenders to take advantage of borrowers. For those with good credit and a stable income, it is best to simple look towards established lenders with a good reputation.

Refinancing Mistakes to Avoid

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A little research can go a long way and it can also save you from a host of disastrous refinancing outcomes. While many mortgage holders do understand it is valuable to refinance, they might not know enough about refinancing to make the best decisions. Therefore, they make the mistake of rushing blindly into agreeing to refinancing strategies. This is where a host of problems might emerge. To avoid such troubling outcomes, it might be much wiser to invest time and effort into performing basic research into what the refinancing process properly entails. Doing so can and will avoid common pitfalls derived from a lack of familiarity.

The Criteria to Meet with FHA Refinancing

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The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) does make it possible for you to refinance your home loan. Well, it will help you if you meet certain criteria. The refinancing options made possible through the FHA are intended to aid those that are suffering from financial woes but are otherwise responsible persons. They help being made available via the FHA is not designed o save those that were utterly irresponsible in their fiscal dealings.  This is a common misconception about refinancing through the FHA. Understanding the true purpose of the FHA will help those in need of its assistance better procure it.

A Mortgage Interest Calculator Can Put Things in Perspective

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It pays be be fully aware of what a mortgage is costing you. You may even wish to compare your current mortgage with other rates you could acquire through refinancing. Some might opt to simply stick with the mortgage they originally acquired and that is their choice. However, such decisions could prove to be less than helpful. Remaining with a costly mortgage will not do any favors for you fiscally. A high interest simply means money that could be better invested elsewhere is going towards expenses. Run the figures of your current mortgage through a mortgage interest calculator and make comparisons with better rates. This way, you will have a clear and definitive idea of what you could save.

Your Home and Its Path to Equity

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Owning a home can be among the best financial decisions you make. A home is an equity which means it may increase in value. The issue of contention here is there is no guarantee the home will increase in its worth. It is possible a home could decline in value and this would be a huge risk to absorb. Also risky would be the ability to make the monthly mortgage payments. Those barely able to afford the payments are taking a huge risk since a decline in income could lead to falling behind on mortgage payments. This, in turn, could lead one down the path of foreclosure.

Get the Full Picture By Using a Home Mortgage Calculator With Taxes

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Deciding how much of a mortgage you can afford may seem challenging but luckily there are many tools out there to help you. One tip that’s saved many people from making a mistake is to utilize a home mortgage calculator with taxes. Other calculators may give you the amount of your mortgage payment each month, but if it doesn’t include the taxes you’re going to pay then it won’t be an accurate snapshot of what your budget will really look like. Of course you must also consider other factors on your own, such as upkeep, utilities, and other costs of owning a home.

Refinance Home Mortgage – Is Now the Time to Refi?

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how much does it costDeciding when to take advantage of your options for a refinance home mortgage can be a tricky decision to make. The first thing to consider is whether you think you can get a better deal if you wait. The reality is that interest rates are at historical lows and it is quite unlikely that they’re going to go down – so now might be the time to do it. However, the next thing you’ll have to consider is whether or not it will actually be worth your while. Use a calculator to see how much you’ll save in interest through the course of your loan and then compare that number to the refinance fees to make sure you’re coming out ahead.