Can Web Developers Become Successful At Reselling Hosting?

Jul 25th, 2013 Posted in Web Sites & Hosting | No Comments »

Many of those who develop web sites for a living wonder if they should also get into reselling hosting space. And doing this can actually be of great benefit to web developers, as they can earn double the revenue by both providing their clients with professionally-designed web sites, as well as affordable hosting solutions for those sites. Every successful reseller hosting business begins with an account that can handle multiple domains for clients. As well, having full administrative control over client web sites is crucial. Whichever web host is being used for the reseller business should include the opportunity for you to hide the identity of your host so your clients can’t see that information.

CMS Is Only One Part Of Your Web Site

May 31st, 2013 Posted in Web Sites & Hosting | No Comments »

Although you may be using some kind of content management system on your web site, and it may have made the management your site much easier to manage, it won’t have any effect on the quality of content that meets people when they visit your site. Quality content is still the most desirable feature where the goal is to convince visitors to return.

High-quality content can be anything that contributes value to what you are already offering. If you are selling hosting services, for example, you may want to offer your visitors something that complements this, such as how to decrease your site’s load time.